01/20 CHINA – „1+2+3“ (vergangene Ausstellungen)


01/20 China – „1+2+3“

The first show of the year starts in Chengdu, China. There will be a collective art salon with international artists and I will be there too!

Exhibition „1+2+3“ @ IN99 Wen’s Art Collection Gallery
With a speech by Ambassador Dr. Clemens von Goetzemitz
Vernissage: January 5th 3pm

Hu Zhipeng, Suat Sensoy, Kensuke Saito, Alice Morishita, Elmar Diks, Gabriele Angel-Leinenbach

in collaboration with :
IN99 Wen’s Art Collection Gallery (Chengdu, China)
Update Gallery Bonn, Wendy Hack
Curator: Fengran Zhou